FOCUS - The Power of Integration

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS� is a framework developed to integrate high speed data network, providing mobility, security and inter-operability of IP convergence devices managed and operated on a single Fiber Optic Communication Unified System. The system exceeds by far today�s expectations and sets future standards in terms of data speed, Quality of Service and manageability of the whole building ICT infrastructure.

Renewable Energy & Energy Management
Orion Engineering Group Design and integrates energy supply and demand strategies to reduce your operating costs - by 20 percent or more. Reinvest your savings into facility improvements or apply them directly to your bottom line.
The contribution of Renewable energy is considered as one of the high impact solutions to preserve nature, save our world and protect our inheritance. Be part of the future to help protect our environment and preserve it for our future generations.
Our Engineers are energy experts who can help customers realize energy savings - savings that can be redirected toward facility and operational improvements.
We�ll use our knowledge and understanding of the shifting energy landscape to develop a full-circle strategy that actively monitors and controls your energy supply, energy-using assets and the real-time interaction between supply and demand. OEG can help you manage energy use across your entire enterprise.
Data Sheets
ICT Infrastructure
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