FOCUS - The Power of Integration

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS� is a framework developed to integrate high speed data network, providing mobility, security and inter-operability of IP convergence devices managed and operated on a single Fiber Optic Communication Unified System. The system exceeds by far today�s expectations and sets future standards in terms of data speed, Quality of Service and manageability of the whole building ICT infrastructure.

Orion Vertical Solutions
Enterprise Access
Originally only used in the back bone area, Fibre optics is now widely seen in the office and intranet area. The integration of data, telephony and video guarantees long-term investment The Fibre To The Home (FTTX ) concept developed enables such networks to be implemented in both a flexible and cost-effective manner.
Industrial Solutions
A departure from in-house applications has lead to the IP protocol conquering new application areas. Industrial Ethernet has now become an established term that describes the use of Ethernet based components with a high degree of reliability in rough environments. The ring mechanism integrated by OEG facilitates the construction of self-healing network topologies.
Enterprise Networks
The connection between carrier and customer networks demands a high degree of flexibility regarding data transfer rates and protocols with simultaneous scalability and universal coupling of different services. The open access platform from Orion offers an efficient, future-proof solution that provides enhanced reliability & easy servicing.
Acess to Metropolitan Networks
Network providers are consistently forced to expand their transport capacities in the light of rapidly growing bandwidth demand and new applications such as Video on Demand and triple play. OEG optical platforms transport package data streams across long distances with the greatest reliability. This makes it extremely cost effective both in terms of the initial costs (Capex) and the operating cost s (Opex).
Data Sheets
ICT Infrastructure
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