FOCUS - The Power of Integration

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS� is a framework developed to integrate high speed data network, providing mobility, security and inter-operability of IP convergence devices managed and operated on a single Fiber Optic Communication Unified System. The system exceeds by far today�s expectations and sets future standards in terms of data speed, Quality of Service and manageability of the whole building ICT infrastructure.

Accomplish your Goal
Modern day real-estate development is being driven by market trends � a growing population demanding more personalized services, building owners looking to unlock new revenues and government agencies further regulating efficient utility usage. Orion Engineering Group blends technology � infrastructure, data and voice � with building management systems to create a building that is simultaneously safer and more productive for its occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners.
Orion Engineering Group is one of the region�s leading system integrators with a strong pedigree and respected leadership position, the company, as both system integrator and business solution provider, possesses a highly skilled and professional workforce with many years of combined experience. Working with both SMB and Enterprise Customers, the key focus is on understanding customer�s business environments and delivering value.
Property developers planning for a single converged network eliminate the installation cost associated with multiple, independent infrastructures for building management systems. These buildings can then be brought to market more quickly and at lower overall costs. Orion Engineering Group specializes in designing flexible infrastructures that enable the convergence of conventional data network services with building management systems.
Studies indicate that over 75% of the overall lifecycle cost of a building lies in the post-construction operating cost. Orion Engineering Group real estate solution leverages the power of the network to enable centralized management and data driven decisions, leading to a more cost efficient building operating environment.
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